FLIR has published an application story featuring IntelliView's automated and analytic camera-based leak detection system designed for real-time, above-ground facilities, including liquids pipeline, pump stations, pig traps, pig receivers, and storage tanks. https://intelliviewtech./com

An application story on oil and gas pipeline facility condition monitoring recently published by FLIR Systems, the global leader in thermal imaging camera design and manufacture, has put the spotlight on IntelliView’s second generation fluid leak detection system, the Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM™).

The article explores deployment of the DCAM, an automated bi-spectral imaging and real-time alerting platform, at above-ground pipeline facilities as a valuable component of a “multi-technological approach” to monitoring and securing infrastructure integrity.

“Pump stations, pig launchers and pig receivers present a unique challenge because a release of liquid is usually very small, and this type of equipment requires a unique coverage of potential leak points,” says Chris Beadle, VP Sales and Marketing at IntelliView.

“We knew that a fixed, camera-based leak detection system would be an ideal approach for monitoring unmanned pump stations. With our combined expertise of visual and thermal camera technologies, we were able to offer an effective method of detecting and alerting on very small, above-ground fluid spills within a matter of seconds.”

Very early detection and notification of leaks, with video and image evidence for instant validation, are achieved with the application of various artificial intelligence technologies, including video analytics, filtering algorithms, and deep learning neural network-based object classification.

The incorporation of Ethernet/wireless connectivity within a self-climatizing compact enclosure makes the analytic bi-spectral imaging sensor DCAM suitable for remote locations with power/bandwidth constants and wide range of climates.

For more information on the IntelliView Liquid Pipeline Leak Detection system for the oil and gas industry, click here.


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