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IntelliView is a leader in analytic imaging/alerting solutions for automated, real-time liquid leak detection and industrial remote monitoring. 
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“Our decision to become an IntelliView investor reflects our confidence in the company’s ability to provide a valuable offering to the pipeline industry. Their real-time fluid leak detection system for above ground facilities provides an important layer of detection, especially in remote or unmanned facilities. Enbridge’s partnership with IntelliView underscores our commitment to safety and to support solutions beneficial to the entire pipeline industry, increasing environmental integrity and worker safety.”
Lino Luison (VP Green Power, Transmission & Emerging Technology), Enbridge Inc.
“Our success in providing a leading-edge bird detection system for large oil producers in Northern Alberta is based on the bird detection analytics provided by IntelliView. Through the combination of radar gun, thermal and color cameras, we have a comprehensive package that is able to detect, alarm, and store video associated with migratory birds entering environmentally sensitive areas. Our customer is delighted with the performance of the system. Well done IntelliView!”
Fred Munn (CEO), Machlink Corporation
“We have been very pleased with the way IntelliView has developed a system to meet our need of real-time monitoring and alarming of environmentally sensitive areas in Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites. The solution is reliable and the company has demonstrated to us a high degree of expertise in the area of analytics and minimizing false alarms in changing external environments. They have been a pleasure to work with.”
John McKenzie (Manager, Strategic Program), Parks Canada
“Having provided industrial monitoring and surveillance services to hundreds of clients over the past 9 years, IntelliView’s technology has proven to be the best we have worked with. Their systems generate 50%-60% less false positive alarms than other industry systems and are easy to use. As a result, we are able to commit to stronger service levels to those customers that employ an IntelliView camera and analytic combination.”
Brian Zerr (Director IT Security Division), Security Resource Group (SRG)

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