Cover of Tanks and Terminals Magazine - June 2020, which features an article on analytic thermal imaging for automated leak detection

Pipelines at oil and gas terminals have the responsibility of safely transporting petroleum commodities within and outside the facility. When unplanned product releases occur, especially in high consequence areas, the ability to act quickly becomes critical. However, standard leak detection technologies can sometimes fail to deliver to expectations or provide adequate coverage. This can lead to environmental damage, safety concerns and business challenges such as prolonged downtime and loss of social license to operate.

Published in Tanks and Terminals magazine June 2020 issue, IntelliView’s article “Seeing is Believing” explores the application of AI-driven thermal imaging technology at storage sites. The technology story also examines the capabilities and limitations of visual and non-visual methods and the advancements in infrared-based machine vision.

IntelliView’s DCAM (Dual Camera Analytic Module), utilizing thermal and HD color optical sensors with real-time video analytics, cost-effectively provides an additional layer of protection, and shortens off-site validation and response times.

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