Project Description

Real-Time Wildlife Monitoring & Detection

Automated video analytics technology for protecting wildlife and the environment, along with your assets and bottom line

bird on pond - industrial

Wildlife can become endangered by industrial activities, such as when birds land on toxic tailing or waste water ponds. At the same time, fragile environments may need protection from human and fauna intrusion.

IntelliView’s intelligent Wildlife Monitoring camera system immediately notifies on the presence of birds, bears and other animals in all weather conditions (sun, rain, and snow) to aid in decision-making (e.g., to trigger deterrent mechanism or not).

System Advantages:

  • Round-the-clock surveillance (no light source needed)

  • Automatic detection and alerting

  • Low false alert rate (with environmental filter and image stabilization)

  • Multiple detection regions per camera (use two or more rules at a time)

  • Remotely or automatically activate deterrents  (e.g. air cannons, sirens)

  • Online access to video feeds, alerts, camera controls, and settings

  • Hardware and software scalability

  • Ruggedized enclosure for extreme weather and hazardous conditions


National Parks
Natural Reserves
Protected Heritage Sites
Oil and Gas Facilities
Industrial Sites



The IntelliView Wildlife Detection system consists of imaging sensors (thermal), processing hardware, video analysis technologies, and optional third-party hardware (e.g. speed radar). It is also capable of automating onsite equipment.

Our analytic technology is able to deliver low false alert performance and enhanced detection accuracy. These are achieved through background learning, analytic fine-tuning, object definition, and exclusion of environmental factors, such as glare, rain, snow, shadow, and fog.

Platform options are fixed and self-contained trailer.


IntelliView Analytic Software
IntelliView Intelligent Vision System



“Our success in providing a leading edge bird detection system for large oil producers in Northern Alberta is based on the bird detection analytics provided by IntelliView. Through the combination of radar gun, thermal and color cameras, we have a comprehensive package that is able to detect, notify, and store video associated with migratory birds entering environmentally sensitive areas. Our customer is delighted with the performance of the system. Well done IntelliView!”

Fred Munn (CEO), Machlink Corporation