Project Description

Protecting the Environment, Health & Safety by Detecting Mine Spills in Real Time

Receive instant notifications with video of small leaks, spills and pooling of cyanide, sulfuric acid, tailings, and hazardous substances.

Pipelines transporting toxic fluids between a leech pad and tailings pond in gold mining sites can become damaged and leak.

Fluids Detected: Water, Waste Water, Cyanide, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, and Other Liquids

The unintended release of toxic chemicals in sensitive mine environments (such as between a leach pad and a tailings pond) can occur at any time for various reasons, including ground movement that compromises pipeline infrastructure quality. Early detection is critical to fast response, helping ensure  prevention or minimization of water body and water system contamination, product loss, property destruction and other adverse consequences.

Driven by advanced proprietary analytics and thermal imaging technology, IntelliView’s Liquid Leak Detection solution provides:

  • Automated day/night detection (no lighting required)
  • Real-time leak analysis and qualification onsite
  • Instant alerting with leak photo/video for verification
  • Low nuisance alerts from environmental factors (glare, shadow, rain, fog, snow, and more) and camera shake
  • In-house analytics fine tuning and object definition
  • SCADA network integration
  • Convenient remote access to alerts, live feeds and video recordings, camera controls, and settings via the IntelliView System Console (SC) or WebView
  • Hardware scalability & third-party device integration
  • Software scalability  for multi-solution deployment (leak + perimeter monitoring)
  • Ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure for hazardous conditions
FLIR leak detection application story for the mining industry featuring IntelliView technology. Click image to view article.
FLIR application story featuring IntelliView Technology: