Project Description

Intelligent. Automated. Reliable. Scalable.

A powerful, cloud-friendly AI-driven vision based detection/alerting system for standalone or multi-site (enterprise) installations

IntelliView real-time detection and alerting system architecture featuring the Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM), which consists of a thermal camera, a color camera, and analytic processing engine).

The IntelliView Vision System (IVS) is an adaptable, end-to end detection and alerting platform utilizing a combination of thermal, visual and analytic technologies deployed in an IIoT infrastructure. It features IntelliView’s latest product, the Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM™).  The DCAM’s compact, wide-weather enclosure houses an advanced FLIR thermal sensor, a full HD color camera, and a powerful video/data processing engine that operates in real-time.

By combining our solid expertise in video analytics with the latest sensing technologies, we have the ability to quickly deliver a hardware/software solution that efficiently and cost-effectively addresses the unique and complex needs of your industrial environment.

System Capabilities

  • Automated Real-Time Detection & Alerting – eliminates operator dependence and cost

  • Event Image and Video Capture – shortens verification to response time

  • Unmanned Operation – reduces site visits, enhances inspector safety

  • Distributed Processing (Onsite/Offsite) – adapts to site requirements/constraints

  • Remote Monitoring  and Control– secure web access, anytime/anywhere

  • Hardware Scalability – connects to 1-100s of DCAMs and sites

  • Software Scalability – implements multiple licences per system

  • Coverage Expansion – integrates with third-party devices (e.g. weather station)

  • Existing Network Integration – compatible with SCADA , LDAR systems

System Features

  • Advanced video analytics + artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Event notification with visual confirmation (image/video)

  • Multiple detection settings/filters enhance detection accuracy and reduce false positives

  • Customizable/optimizable solutions by in-house engineering team

  • IIOT architecture improves system adaptability and connectivity

  • Wireless and Ethernet communication options, lower installation cost