Project Description

Real-Time Detection of Liquid Leaks, Wet Gas Leaks, and Steam Emissions

Automatically receive notification of small spills, sprays, or pooling (as little as 0.36 m³/hour) in seconds. Not hours, not days.

Liquid pipeline leak detection using video analytics technology

Fluids Leaks Detected: oil and petroleum products (gasoline. diesel, crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen, kerosene), brine, water, waste water, diluent, cyanide, acids, chemicals, & other liquids

Wet Gases / Hydrocarbon Leaks Detected: Propane, Butane, Ethane, Ethylene, Anhydrous Ammonia, other Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Liquid Natural Gas (LNGs)

For detecting leaks at pump stations, pig trap stations, oil transmission and gathering lines, terminals, meter stations, oil and chemical refineries, water treatment plants, tank farms, and storage facilities.

For an oil and gas company, a delay in identifying a leak can cause millions in financial losses, down time, HSE compliance failure as well as damage to reputation and the environment.

Featuring advanced thermal imaging and proprietary analytic software technologies, IntelliView’s leak detection imaging system for above-ground pipeline facilities enhances response time, existing LDAR methods, pipeline safety and infrastructure reliability through:

  • Automated leakage detection and quantification (day/night, any lighting condition)

  • Real-time leak visualization, analysis and qualification
  • Instant alerting with leak photo/video for verification
  • Low false alert rate from environmental factors (glare, shadow, rain, fog, snow, and more) and camera shake
  • Customer needs driven analytics fine tuning by our in-house development team
  • Integration with SCADA network
  • Secure remote access to video feeds, alerts, camera controls, and settings with the IntelliView System Console (SC) or WebView
  • Hardware scalability & third-party device integration
  • Software scalability (multi-solution deployment, e.g. leak + remote monitoring)
  • Ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure for extreme or hazardous conditions
IntelliView automated liquid leak detection system featuring thermal and visual sensors with video analytics and neural network-based artificial intelligence.
TransCanada testing of the IntelliView leak detection system.