Project Description

Automated, Real-Time Detection
of Liquid Leaks, Wet Gas Leaks, and Steam Emissions

Automatically receive notification of small spills, sprays, or pooling in just seconds. Not hours, not days.

Liquid pipeline leak detection using video analytics technology

Prevent or mitigate environmental damage, financial losses, down time, and HSE compliance issues with IntelliView’s Automated Liquid Leak Detection System for above-ground facilities.

Utilizing advanced thermal imaging and a combination of patented and proprietary analytic software technologies, the solution detects, qualifies and reports leaks in real-time to enhance response times, existing LDAR methods, pipeline safety and infrastructure reliability.

Designed for remote/unmanned oil and gas assets, including pump stations, pig trap stations, oil transmission and gathering lines, meter stations, oil and chemical refineries, water treatment plants, terminals, and tank farms.

System Advantages:

  • Continuous, automated operation without light source

  • On-site analysis and qualification (minimizes alerting delay and data charges)

  • Alerts include photo/video for off-site verification

  • Customizable detection settings and alerting options

  • Low false alarms from environmental conditions (glare, rain, fog, snow)

  • Secure web access to live feeds, video, alerts, and settings

  • Hardware scalability (single site to multiple sites)

  • Software scalability (e.g. leak with intrusion monitoring)

  • Third-party integration (SCADA, other sensors)

  • Ruggedized enclosure for extreme or hazardous conditions


Oil and petroleum products (gasoline. diesel, crude oil, fuel oil, bitumen, kerosene), brine, water, waste water, diluent, cyanide, acids, chemicals, and other liquids


Propane, Butane, Ethane, Ethylene, Anhydrous Ammonia, other Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), and Liquid Natural Gas (LNGs) products

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(Diesel Leak Test in Heavy Rain)

IntelliView Dual Camera Analytic Module

The IntelliView Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM™) is our latest generation Liquid Leak Detection system.  Ruggedized and compact in design, the DCAM features a thermal sensor, a color camera and advanced artificial intelligence for real-time processing of live video and data feeds.

Remotely monitor a single site or multiple distributed assets using the IntelliView System Console, from the control room or the IntelliView web user interface.


IntelliView Analytic Software
IntelliView Intelligent Vision System

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TC Energy (TransCanada) tests the IntelliView liquid leak detection system.

FLIR has published an application story featuring IntelliView's automated and analytic visual-based leak detection system designed for real-time, above-ground facilities, including liquids pipeline, pump stations, pig traps, pig receivers, and storage tanks.

Application Story on Liquid Pipeline Monitoring by FLIR (Click Image to View)

“Our decision to become an IntelliView investor reflects our confidence in the company’s ability to provide a valuable offering to the pipeline industry. Their real-time fluid leak detection system for above ground facilities provides an important layer of detection, especially in remote or unmanned facilities. Enbridge’s partnership with IntelliView underscores our commitment to safety and to support solutions beneficial to the entire pipeline industry, increasing environmental integrity and worker safety.”
Lino Luison (VP Green Power, Transmission & Emerging Technology), Enbridge Inc.