Project Description

Continuous Flare Stack Monitoring, Real-Time Detection and Alerting System

Advanced thermal imaging with automated data processing for real-time detection and instant alerting of pilot flame ignition or failure.


  • oil and gas (well drilling, offshore rigs, gathering, distribution)
  • manufacturing/processing/refining (petroleum plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing)
  • waste – landfills, water treatment

Many industries produce gas waste or reclaimable gas byproducts. Industrial flaring is a regulatory requirement used to manage these emissions while also serving as a safety mechanism.  For these reasons, continuous flare stack monitoring as well as automated real-time alerting of flare stack failure and pilot flame ignition. IntelliView’s  flare monitoring camera system, utilizing thermal imaging and video analytics technologies, provides:

  • Automated, real-time detection of flame absence or ignition, day or night
  • Instant alerting with photo/video for verification
  • Low false alert rate from environmental factors (glare, shadow, rain, fog, snow, and more) and camera shake
  • Analytics fine tuning and object definition
  • Network compatibility (SCADA, LAN, cellular, satellite, T1)
  • Secure remote access to video feeds, alerts, camera controls, and settings with the IntelliView System Console (SC) or WebView
  • Hardware scalability & third-party device integration
  • Software scalability (multi-solution deployment, e.g. flame + security)
  • Ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure for extreme or hazardous conditions

Our Flare Stack Monitoring system utilizes the new IntelliView Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM™), launched in the first quarter of 2016. The smart camera features double imagers (a high resolution thermal camera and a high definition color camera), image processing engine, accurate temperature detection (to 2° C), and wide temperature sensing range (-40°C to 550°C). False alerts are significantly reduced through application of algorithms and environmental filters.

Its compact design translates to minimal hardware and footprint. Live feeds, alert notifications and video are wirelessly transmitted to the IntelliView System Console or other centrally located pipeline monitoring/control center.

With the SC, you can view thousands of live video feeds, remotely control PTZ cameras, manage analytic rules, access software tools and settings, and more.

IntelliView DCAM™

IntelliView DCAM™

Dual Camera Analytic Module (launched Q1 2016)

Launched in Q1 of 2016!

The DCAM™ is a weatherproof  dual sensor smart camera (thermal and color) with on-board live image processing engine and auto climate control.  Alert notifications with image/video evidence are sent wirelessly, reducing installation costs and hardware footprint.

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