Project Description

Smart Video Surveillance for Remote Assets and Sensitive Environments

Enabling remote inspection, real-time detection and fast response to security threats and process/equipment anomalies

IntelliView asset and intrusion monitoring

Without a reliable onsite surveillance system at semi/unmanned or remote sites, a machinery malfunction or progressing security event, such as theft, intrusion, property damage, or vandalism will not be detected in time – preventing responders to act quickly. This delay can lead to compromised asset and workforce safety, greater product loss, or more costly repair.

IntelliView’s fixed and trailer surveillance solutions, featuring thermal imaging and video analytics with motion detection technologies, provide:

  • 24/7 (day/night) monitoring
  • Automatic real-time detection
  • Instant alerting with photo/video for fast verification
  • Low nuisance alert rate (with environmental filter and image stabilization)
  • Analytics fine tuning
  • Easy integration with other IntelliView solutions and client infrastructure (e.g. SCADA)
  • Hardware & software (video analytics) scalability
  • Friendly to the environment (clean energy)
  • Remote web access to video feeds, alerts, settings, and camera controls

A typical IntelliView surveillance system consists of a thermal camera, a color IR camera, HVR with proprietary security analytics (motion detection), and accessories (e.g. radar detector, weather station, laser detectors, GPS, access controller, and more).
Based on facility requirements, a solution type may be either or a combination of the following:
Fixed – Designed for permanent sites equipped with power and network services. In this setting, camera poles are embedded in the ground.
Trailer – Ideal for sites that are mobile (changing locations), remote, semi/unmanned, geographically difficult to access, unsafe/risky to access, or lacking or having limited power and network infrastructure. The IntelliView trailer is a standalone, self-contained, green-powered, weatherproof solution that offers versatility.

It comes typically equipped with:

  • 4+ channel capacity, at least one thermal camera (for detection) and one color camera (for verification).  A variety of color camera types can be  used: PTZ, IP, IR, and analog.
  • IntelliView HVR with video analytics based on licensed solutions
  • Green energy (EFOY or solar power)
  • Long-range modem
  • (Optional) Non-imaging sensors and accessories (e.g. weather station, GPS, radar sensor, visual/audible alarms, bird deterrent devices, etc.)
  • (Optional) Rugged/C1D1 enclosures for harsh environments

Visit the IntelliView System Architecture page for more.

Thermal Camera

Extreme Weather

Thermal Camera

Outdoor/weatherproof infrared camera, uncooled microbolometer (7.5~13.5 μm), day/night, 324 x 256 resolution, lens focal length options, Auto Gain Control (AGC), ‐40°C to +80°C operating temperature, IP68 rated. Optional Advanced radiometric electronic access (AREA) module


Color Camera

Axis, Hikvision, Vivotek

Color Camera

High spec cameras from leading manufacturers, including Axis, Hikvision, and Vivotek. Features: HD resolution, wide field of view, night vision, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and more.

Contact IntelliView for more information.


4/8-Channel Options

4/8-Channel HVR

Supports network (IP) cameras and/or analog cameras.

Options available for legacy CCTV systems and IP only systems.

4-Ch HVR, 8-Ch HVR


Green Energy


EFOY – Configurable with  Pro 600 (25W), 1200 (50W), 1600 (65W) and 2200 (90W) options; direct methanol fuel to electrical power conversion; solar and wind combination options, can operate to -50°C, maintenance free operation beyond 3 months.

Contact IntelliView for more.

System Console (SC)

System Console

System Console (SC)

The smart way to monitor and manage thousands of camera systems.

Features: live feeds viewing, alerts and events list, analytic rule management, alert and archive video playback, access to device settings, and more.


IntelliView Trailer

Remote Site Ready

IntelliView Trailer

Self contained, green powered, weatherproof.

Features: 4+ channel capacity, HVR, EFOY and/or solar power, communications hardware, and optional accessories.


The IntelliView Asset Protection solution features IntelliView’s smart hybrid video recorder (HVR), which contains our suite of proprietary security video analytics. The following are detected:

  • Motion in a Region
  • Perimeter Intrusion
  • One-way Line / Fence / Gate Crossing
  • Two-way Line / Fence / Gate Crossing
  • Loitering
  • Theft or Object Taken
  • Abandoned Object
  • Temperature and Temperature Change

Our video analyzing software produces very low false alerts, which is made possible by the application of a series of filters (algorithms), constant background learning, and auto gain control.

 Software and video management features:

  • Video Playback and Download
  • Background Learning
  • Image Stabilization (proprietary anti-sway algorithm)
  • Advanced Environmental Filters
  • Rule Coupling
  • Object Time Counting
  • Object Size Setting
  • Analytic Rule Scheduling
  • Alert Notification Email Forwarding
  • Automatic Enabling/Disabling of Analytic Rules
  • Camera Health Check
  • Camera Tampering Reporting
  • External DIO Device Activation/Control
  • Industrial Site, Facility and Plant Security (oil, gas, chemical, utility, power/sub stations, mining, construction)
  • Industrial Fluid Leak Detection (oil, brine, water, acid, chemicals, other fluid products and by-products)
  • Process Monitoring (product temperature, spills, falls)
  • Environmental Protection (sensitive areas, conservation sites, preserved natural resources, etc.)
  • Weather Observation
  • Access Control (gate management, exit/entry authorization)
  • External Device Automation and Control (gates/doors/locks, deterrents, equipment)

Our systems can be scaled to any installation size (4 cameras to 1000+ cameras) and run multiple solutions (e.g. leak + asset protection, wildlife protection + asset protection).

“We have been very pleased with the way IntelliView has developed a system to meet our need of real-time monitoring and alerting of environmentally sensitive areas in Canada’s National Parks and Historic Sites. The solution is reliable and the company has demonstrated to us a high degree of expertise in the area of analytics and minimizing false alerts in changing external environments. They have been a pleasure to work with.”
John McKenzie (Manager, Strategic Program), Parks Canada