Project Description

Smart Video Surveillance for Remote Assets and Sensitive Environments

Enabling remote inspection, real-time detection and fast response to security threats and process/equipment anomalies

Without a reliable onsite surveillance system at semi/unmanned or remote sites, a machinery malfunction or progressing security event, such as theft, intrusion, property damage, or vandalism will not be detected in time – preventing responders to act quickly. This delay can lead to compromised asset and workforce safety, greater product loss, or more costly repair.

IntelliView’s fixed and trailer surveillance solutions, featuring thermal imaging and video analytics with motion detection technologies, provide:

  • 24/7 (day/night) monitoring
  • Automatic real-time detection
  • Instant alerting with photo/video for fast verification
  • Low nuisance alert rate (with environmental filter and image stabilization)
  • Analytics fine tuning
  • Easy integration with other IntelliView solutions and client infrastructure (e.g. SCADA)
  • Hardware & software (video analytics) scalability
  • Friendly to the environment (clean energy)
  • Remote web access to video feeds, alerts, settings, and camera controls

A typical IntelliView surveillance system consists of a thermal camera, a color IR camera, HVR with proprietary security analytics (motion detection), and accessories (e.g. radar detector, weather station, laser detectors, GPS, access controller, and more).
Based on facility requirements, a solution type may be either or a combination of the following:
Fixed – Designed for permanent sites equipped with power and network services. In this setting, camera poles are embedded in the ground.
Trailer – Ideal for sites that are mobile (changing locations), remote, semi/unmanned, geographically difficult to access, unsafe/risky to access, or lacking or having limited power and network infrastructure. The IntelliView trailer is a standalone, self-contained, green-powered, weatherproof solution that offers versatility.

It comes typically equipped with:

  • 4+ channel capacity, at least one thermal camera