PROCESSWest magazine September 2017 issue featuring IntelliView DCAM leak detection system for mining

PROCESSWest September 2017 issue featuring IntelliView’s DCAM® leak detection system for mining. (Click image to view in larger size.)

PROCESSWest magazine published in its September issue an article by FLIR Systems featuring IntelliView’s Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM™) for fluid leak detection in mining environments.

Heap leaching is a widely used metal extraction method which utilizes toxic chemicals, such as sulfuric acid and cyanide.  Leakage of this contaminated fluid due to many factors, including ground movement or sabotage, is an inherent risk during transport to a tailings pond for purification.

Driven by FLIR’s A65 thermal camera core and IntelliView’s proprietary leak analyzing software, the DCAM provides accurate real-time detection and immediate notification (with video evidence) of small leaks in above-ground pipelines. Multiple algorithms integrated into the video processing software significantly reduce false alarms caused by environmental factors, such as glare, shadows, heavy rain, and snow. A second sensor, the color camera serves as an added layer of visual confirmation to personally validate or invalidate an alarm.

With instant video access to critical field information, mine related leak events can be verified remotely and addressed quickly,  helping to reduce environmental impacts of a leak.

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