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IntelliView tops Google search result ranking for real-time leak detection in midstream petroleum and wet gas environments
IntelliView tops Google search result ranking for pump station leak detection
IntelliView tops Google image search result ranking for real-time leak detection

With over 15 million organic search result entries in the leak detection field, Intelliview presently leads with a number one positioning on Google and other leading search engines for keywords relating to real time liquid leak detection.

Other search terms ranking IntelliView high on Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, include “above-ground oil leak detection”, “above-ground liquid leak detection”, “liquid leak thermal imaging”, and “pump station leak detection”.

These searches are bringing up IntelliView’s leak detection solution page for above-ground petroleum and wet gas facilities at the top spot, a challenging feat given the high number of established players utilizing “leak detection” related keywords.  IntelliView is also dominating in the image and video search results for the same keywords.

“With about 90% of B2B buyers today using Google for research and finding industrial solutions, search engines play an extremely vital role in catapulting companies directly in front of proactive, high-value prospective customers. While we use a variety of customer acquisition channels, this marketing avenue has proved to be extremely effective in directing potential users to us,” says Chris Beadle, IntelliView VP for Sales & Marketing.

According to IntelliView Corporate Communications Manager Gurjeet Bansal, “search engine algorithms have become so complex and smart that keywords should be woven masterfully and authentically into original online copy, as part of a search engine optimized digital marketing communications strategy, to achieve successful outcomes.”


About IntelliView Technologies Inc.

IntelliView Technologies is a Calgary based developer and provider of video analytics based video solutions for industrial surveillance applications. IntelliView transforms video cameras into intelligent sensors and offers customized solution packages that enhance the safety and security of industrial applications. Solutions incorporate patented, patent pending, proprietary and industry standard analytic software, artificial intelligence and image processing technologies applied in an IIOT architecture to detect, identify, and track objects in real-time as well as the ability to analyze surveillance footage. User defined notification alarms with a picture or video of the incident are sent through a variety of communication methods to local or remote monitoring centers. IntelliView sells and supports products throughout North America.