mining leak detection and control room notification
mining leak notification on mobile devices

The Canadian Mining Magazine blog has published IntelliView’s article “Who’s watching when you aren’t? AI-powered machine vision – enhancing remote monitoring and real-time pipeline leak detection in metals mining”.

The feature touches on the metals mining industry’s need to proactively seek innovative methods to reduce safety, environmental and financial risks from unintended liquid product releases from pipelines – which are used to transport effluents and hazardous chemicals such as cyanide and sulfuric acid, across facilities.

It discusses the merits and limitations of standard techniques such as flow/pressure monitors and ground and aerial patrols.

The technical aspects of the IntelliView Vision System (IVS), an IIOT platform that utilizes the capabilities of thermal and optical sensors with patented and proprietary analytic software technologies, and its applicability in mining environments for leak detection and remote monitoring, are also explored.

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