EnergyNow has featured IntelliView’s AI-driven methane gas detection and alerting system during their August Innovation Week event.

The article, titled “Automatically Detect and Remotely Confirm New Methane Leaks in Seconds with Continuous and Intelligent Thermal Gas Imaging”, discusses how the technology makes oil and gas operations greener, safer, and more efficient.

It highlights the capabilities and advantages of a visual based gas detection technology, like the IntelliView DCAM-M (Dual Camera Analytic Module-Methane). The DCAM-M is a fixed-format solution that can be implemented as an alternative or enhancement to existing methods, to improve monitoring capability of unplanned methane leaks at above-ground oil and gas facilities involved in upstream, midstream and downstream operations. The system enables users to detect, confirm, and respond to leaks in seconds without travelling to the site.

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